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5132 Rim Cleaner
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5132 Rim Cleaner

Rim cleaning concentrate for the powerful and quick cleaning of aluminium rims, steel rims and plastic hub caps. The special composition guarantees superb cleaning results in the case of brake dust, grease films, oil films, road salts and similar types of contamination.

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  • Fast and effective cleaning

  • Breaks down brake dust and greasy/oily film

  • Removes limescale and various other inorganic contaminants

  • Mechanical processing is often unnecessary

  • Application area

  • ​Aluminium rims, steel rims, plastic wheel caps

  • Machine workshops, floor areas, walls, for descaling on acid-resistant surfaces

  • Instructions

    Check before use for material compatibility. Applied with spray bottle. Penetration time up to 3 minutes. Rinse with clean water or high-pressure cleaner.


    ​Dilution at 1:3 depending on the degree of contamination. Use undiluted against the most stubborn contamination.


  • ​Not recommended for use on damaged surfaces. Unsuitable for unpainted, polished, plain stainless steel and aluminium rims

  • Application only possible on acid-resistant surfaces

  • Wear protective clothing and safety glasses

  • When applying on tiles they should be wetted beforehand

  • Protect from frost

  • Do not use on hot surfaces or in the sun