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7021 Protective Wax Spray
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7021 Protective Wax Spray

Transparent corrosion protection paint on an extremely adhesive resin and wax basis. Penetrates even hard to reach places. Thermally stable up to 200°C. Hardness and adhesion of the protective film increase with increasing temperature.

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  • Excellent corrosion protection

  • No draining or dripping into the engine compartment

  • Excellent heat resistance (up to 200°C)

  • Excellent creeping properties

  • Strong adhesion on both coated and uncoated sheet metal

  • Proven material compatibility with rubber and coatings

  • Can also be used above head height thanks to the 360-degree valve

  • Application area

  • Corrosion protection preservation of seams, surfaces and body cavities

  • Bonnet, on the engine and engine parts

  • Luggage compartment lid and insert

  • Instructions

    Keep the can vertical whilst spraying. Parts must be free of grease, oil and dust. Protective film can be removed again using petrol or cold cleaner. Store and use at room temperature.


  • After treatment, only start the engine after clearing off the protective wax film (danger of deflagration!)